One Woman Shop Bundle

Welcome, bundle buyers! 

So nice to have you here!

You can download your printable planners here

And then you should head here to learn how to use them!

Physical copies of the planners are available to pre-order – head to the main page to learn about that. (If you want to pre-order your copy, you can use discount code “OWS” for $5 off!)

Be sure to sign up below to get version two of the planner when it’s done for free! (ETA is approximately 4-6 weeks)

(You won’t be added to any promotional lists – I’ll email you with the updated version of the planner & that’s it, pinky swear. Also, this is a different email list than the one that has a sign-up form at the bottom of the page – that one’s for news about the planner, but not the actual updated version. So make sure to use the form directly below!)