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A must-have tool for freelancers: The Freelancer Planner (review at Esmé Wang’s site)

I received my copy of The Freelancer Planner yesterday, and I spent part of NYE figuring out my schedule for the next month, it’s that exciting! Thank you so much for putting this project together. I cannot wait to get started with running a well organized writing business in 2016. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to help me put all of my projects, clients, personal writing goals, and financial bits in one structured place. As you can tell I’m super happy with your product. Thanks again, and happy New Year!

– Miranda Brumbaugh

This clever planner could solve your freelance woes: article at CreativeBloq

“I’m not sure what else to say here other than “I love this.” Organizational tools are my weak spot. If you have a complicated process now and you’re looking to simplify, this could be a good option for you. And if you’ve never taken on weekly planning like this, The Freelancer Planner is simple, though comprehensive, enough to help you get started.”

– Review of the Freelancer Planner

Stay organized, earn more, and stress less with the freelancer planner (interview)

[Review] The Freelancer Planner

Excited about a planner