Stay organized. Earn more. Stress less.

You love freelancing, but you have a problem: it’s a real pain in the patootie to stay organized.

Client bookings, priorities for the month, making time for your own business and client work, knowing what events are when…whew. There’s so many digital tools–which are great, don’t get me wrong–but wouldn’t it be nice to have one place where you could quickly take the pulse of your business, without having to look at six different apps and two different browser tabs?

Enter: the Freelancer Planner.

What makes this planner different?

Track Income & Clients

The monthly calendar view tracks your income for the month, so you can see how close you are to meeting your goals at a glance. The client slots show you how booked up (or not) you are with client projects. No more double-booking or working 60 hour weeks to meet deadlines!

Learn Better Habits

The weekly planning layout and process is designed to train you into better productivity and business habits over time, with reminders to work on your business (not just in it). Everything ties back to your goals. Now, you can stop getting lost in busywork and do the work that matters.

One Place for Everything

Instead of using multiple notebooks and apps to keep track of everything about your business, you can view priorities, tasks, and events for any given month or week at a glance. The monthly postmortems help you track high-level KPIs and assess which clients to keep. And it’s undated – so you can start whenever you’re ready.

See what’s inside:

Plan your month

The monthly view lets you keep track of your goals for the month – both project goals and income goals. The notes and backburner section lets you keep an eye on upcoming projects, so you can plan for this month with next month in mind.

Track income & clients

Keep track of client bookings and income progress with the calendar view. Every month, you’re prompted to break down your income goals by how many days you’re working. That way, you know how much billable work you need to average each day to hit your goal. You can use the bar graph over the days to track your progress and see where you’re at for the month. Now, you can stop having those end-of-month surprises when you check your bank balance. 

Get better at planning

The weekly planning process helps to train you into better productivity habits, and makes sure that the most important work gets done first. Once you’ve created your to-do list, you can map it out on the place for each day, which is intentionally limited to make sure you can’t overload yourself. 

Improve your metrics

When you come to the end of the month, the monthly recap & postmortem pages help you keep an eye on important metrics. Once you’re looking at your average billable hours and hourly rates every month, you’ll know exactly what projects and clients are profit-leaks, and exactly which projects you should book more of. And, of course, you’ll be able to look at your goal and income progress, too. 

I received my copy of The Freelancer Planner yesterday, and I spent part of NYE figuring out my schedule for the next month, it’s that exciting! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to help me put all of my projects, clients, personal writing goals, and financial bits in one structured place. As you can tell, I’m super happy with your product.

Miranda Brumbaugh 

Freelance Writer

I’m not sure what else to say here other than “I love this.” Organizational tools are my weak spot. If you have a complicated process now and you’re looking to simplify, this could be a good option for you. And if you’ve never taken on weekly planning like this, The Freelancer Planner is simple, though comprehensive, enough to help you get started.

Jennifer Mattern(Review at All Freelance Writing)

I highly recommend [this] if you’re a freelancer who’d like to be more organized, keep track of income and career-related goals, and prevent overwhelm when it comes to regular and one-time tasks. Personally, I love using my Freelancer Planner to keep track of life’s bits and bobs and develop better business and productivity habits

Esmé Wang A must-have tool for freelancers: The Freelancer Planner

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